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Your CR has been stolen! BAM!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. What? Buzzed blogging!  Let’s just say that it’s been a good week with a few minor casualties. One , I had to buy tires and two, I had to buy snorkels for my kids. Those are two things that were not in my increasingly tight budget. But it’s all good ! God provides for us!

Some fun stuff happened. Today I set my mind on running a bit faster even though ( why doesn’t WordPress have auto-suggest?) it was still very hot, it was not as humid. And by not as humid, I mean instead of 77 degree dewpoint, it was 73. Google that and you will see that I live in a very bad place for running during the summer. Anyway, I had goals and I met them! I ran a 4 mile run with all sub-10 miles including some 8 something minute running up a short hill in which I attempted to take the course record of a Strava segment and succeeded! Yay me!  The town of Sealy is basically FLAT as a pancake but there are  a few little inclines where we try ourselves and I knew my friend had the CR so I wanted to beat her, lol! In case that sounds slow, let me see you run in southeast Texas in the summer. 🙂

Tonight I made some DE-licious chicken strips for dinner with a cream cheese sauce and onion and peppers. Super easy and low carb! I skipped the noodles or rice this time because I’m trying to lose the 7 pounds I’ve gained, 😥 , thanks to pre-menopause.  My hubby thought it was tasty. We were out of any green veggies so I had a rum and Fresca instead. That’s the same thing , right?

Okay, well, enough of this , gotta go. Happy almost Friday to everyone who’s reading this!


Throwback Thursday : Before I was a runner, I was something else

I don’t know if there’s a neat category to describe myself,  but in the time right before I started running  I was an early 40s , full-time homeschooling mom of a large family, who put all her time, thoughts, and energy into taking care of her husband and children.

I did a whole lot of cooking, eating, and sitting, along with the rest of a busy mom’s day. In the past, in the city, I was a pretty active mom, took lots of stroller walks, bike rides, even had a bike trailer to put the kids in. I also worked out at a fitness center.  But when we moved to the country and I had two more babies pretty close together and a whole lot more stress, it got much harder to stay active.

By the time my youngest son was 5 years old, I had put on some weight, a lot of weight for a 5 foot 3 inch person. I was just teetering at 180 pounds. But it was crazy how it snuck up on me without me really noticing.

I’m going to write a series of blogs about my weight loss and life changes, but for now I want to post some before and after running photos.


Top two are before diet change. My thyroid was messed up. Bottom two are after going on a low-carb, then Paleo and gluten free diet and not going back.


I ran a ton of 5ks when I first discovered running in 2011. This one  turned out to be cross-country  which I was not expecting.  A very hot August race. I placed in my age group because of the low turnout. That ribbon was very motivating for me!


Just a few of the tons of race medals I’ve collected since 2011.


It’s no exaggeration to say that running has changed my life. I’m the same person, but much more confident, disciplined, and goal-focused. I highly recommend it!

Are you a runner? Has it made a big impact on your life? Or do you want to try it, but don’t know how? I am very passionate about helping new runners. Please feel free to post your questions here.

It’s your hormones, really!

I’d like to post something a little different than my usual posts. As we all know women ( and men, but this post is about women) can be very moody. Happy one day, depressed or tired or angry or crying the next. And this is pretty much the description of most young people from age 10 (the age is getting younger due to our food supply)  to  early to mid 20s when they level out.  A roller coaster ride of energy levels, emotions, thoughts and motivation with some  Life is good!  upper level days and some Life is crap low level days.


Me on top o’ the world! I felt great, not even deep mud and my running partner deserting me could bring me down that day.

What not all women are informed about is the details of what is causing these specific feelings. Yes, it is your hormone levels but wouldn’t you like to know more? Rather than giving you all the details here , I am going to recommend a free app that is very good for keeping you up to date on what is happening in your body and bloodstream and how that causes these changes in your moods, thoughts, sexual desire, clothing choices, appetite, etc. But basically you feel strong and energetic when you have plenty of estrogen and testosterone and you feel sleepy and hungry with lots of progesterone.

This is not my app and I don’t get a commission or anything. Here is the link.

There are other similar apps and I first used one called Mood Horoscope. But I find that the other one is much more accurate and detailed.

If you can’t get the app or prefer reading, there is tons of info online.

Why would you want to know what is going on in your body? Because it can protect you from making impulsive, life-changing decisions when you are feeling extra happy or doing something self-destructive when you are extra sad. I have actually wondered if I still love my husband at times and sure enough, when I checked this app, it was that time when I should be feeling very irritable due to a sudden drop in all my hormones. The more you become familiar with your body, the more power you have. You can also decide if your mood swings indicate a hormone imbalance and you may need to make some changes in your life such as diet, exercise, supplements,  hormone treatments, sleep, etc. Also you can be aware that certain days are better than others for certain goals and activities. I am not saying you should be a slave to your hormones or moods. Try to make it work for you in your planning. No one wants to run a terrible marathon just because they are zapped of energy due to their hormones . Plan accordingly or take steps if necessary to improve your chances of success. Plan job interviews, speeches, and parties for the second week of your cycle. Do not plan a busy schedule for the days that you feel extra fatigued. Using a calendar or another app to note your personal schedule can be helpful.


Me, having a rough race,  stressed, dehydrated, exhausted, not realizing that part of the reason was I was about to start my period .

It’s also interesting to note that not all women have these extreme cycles. And some women do have them but refuse to acknowledge that fact for some reason.  I do have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome( somewhat controlled by my low carb diet) , which is quite common unfortunately, and it causes me to be very sensitive metabolically to these changes. For instance right now I am on a very good cycle day and have been for the past few days. Sadly I know it will be ending soon because I am mid-cycle. I will try hard not to let the impending drop in hormones ruin my next weekend. But I already know that I will not have the same energy or motivation that I had last weekend. I will  feel more like eating and sleeping! Interestingly though, is that some ( not all)  women get a short burst of good feelings, energy and sex drive right before their periods start when progesterone drops but they still have some estrogen.

And one last thought, our hormones are also affected by sleep and nutrition, so take care of yourself!

PS , if you’re a man, I hope this helps you have some compassion for your wife or girlfriend and what she goes through every month as her body prepares itself for pregnancy month after month from about the age of 12 until she is about 50 or so.  It’s all part of God’s plan to preserve the human race.

Did anyone catch that on video?!

I set out with determination.

It was 75 degrees before the sun rose. 97% humidity. As per usual, I changed my previous plan for the day and decided on a new one when I woke up. Packed up and loaded up and headed out with my hydration pack full and my happy-to-be-going dog, Ellie.

My return to running from injury in February has been slower than expected and a little confusing. I’ve only been running 3 or 4 times a week since April started and mostly short runs, the longest was 8 miles, I think. I purposely took my time but I was starting to get nervous and wonder if I’d every make it to double-digits. Am I still a distance runner? Do I even care? Maybe I should stick to hiking? After 7 years of running many, many races, I haven’t run a single race in 2018.  Today I planned to try to run more than 8 miles. However, we are having a heat wave in Texas and I really didn’t know what would happen.

I put ice in my pack and plenty of water, but I made the mistake of not bringing salt tabs or NUUN tablets. That really hurt me after about 2 hours. I also brought some GU and some leftover chicken strips and a couple of Larabars . I only ate the GU while running. That was a mistake. Not enough calories for what I did. The park is 1 1/2 hours away even with light traffic, so I ate a little breakfast on the way there, half a large banana and some raw pecan halves. I usually don’t eat before short runs.

The sky was full of clouds that were really just humidity rising as the sun warmed up the atmosphere. I figured I would not be so lucky to have a cloudy day to protect me from the heat. While driving I was still not 100% sure where I’d go, but this park is just so nice , even though I’ve been there many times lately, I chose it again. When I parked the van the outside temp was 80 degrees F at 8:15 am. I headed out after a quick stop in the very nice bathrooms which are there thanks to a Zip Line company that shares the park.

Everything was going great . I took off running the route that would take me to what I consider a big and steep hill. 168 ft per Strava segment, with an average 14% grade. My goal was do as many repeats on that hill as possible. First I took my dog down to the river to get a quick drink of water. I always bring water for her but she prefers rivers and streams! It’s only 1.4 miles to the river so I wasn’t really that warmed up, but I headed up the hill and my running slowed to walking. It levels out a little near the top so I was trying to run again when all of a sudden my life went into slow motion mode.


The retractable dog leash handle disappeared from hand when my dog took off after something that I did not see because my head was down.  For what seemed like a long time, actually only  a couple seconds,  I was in a stunned state of falling forward with my arms outstretched like Superman  and also being very conscious that it was going to be a hard fall that I had no chance of preventing. I have fallen on trails several times after tripping on invisible roots and rocks and it’s always surprising, but it has been a while and I was totally not expecting this. It was the leash being ripped out of my hand that made me fall this time. I actually had the thought flash through my mind to just relax and not fight the fall. I’ve tried to stop myself before with rapid foot movement and actually hurt my hamstring. But I didn’t have time to do that anyway.

Thunk! Sliiiiiide!  It would have been a viral video if someone had caught it on tape. I got up fairly quickly from the dirt and sat down to catch my breath on the conveniently placed bench that is at the top of that big-ass hill.  I was already out of breath from climbing that hill, and the fall had knocked out the remaining air in my lungs, or it felt like it. But I started calling my dog and hoping she was still nearby. I took an assessment of my body to see if I was okay. Just dirty and some scrapes on my forearms and hands from the home-base slide.   My Garmin watch had a bunch of dirt in the band and the front of my shirt was dirty along with my hands and arms. I poured a little water on them and used the small sweat towel that I carry to clean up a little ,but I didn’t want to dirty up my towel. I need it to wipe my eyes.


My boo-boos. Amazingly nothing on my knees! For some reason it stings a lot even though it doesn’t look like much. 

All that only took a minute or two and then I got up and started looking for my dog. That hill ends at a trail intersection and she was just around the bush from where I was sitting . At first I thought she was being good and maybe scared since I’d yelled at her because of how she was sitting down looking right at me. Then I realized her leash had gotten stuck in a bush and she couldn’t get away. That worked well for me, but I did have to crawl into the bushes to get it free. So I got her situated again and decided to jog slowly back down that hill to gather myself .

The rest of the morning was all about just staying in the game despite the adrenaline drain from the fall,  being dehydrated, under-fueled, and really hot, but I am happy to say I RAN 10 miles  ! Goal achieved! I mostly walked the last mile back to the parking area because I was so overheated, it was over 90 degrees by this time,  but I’m very happy with the day overall. I learned some things. I need to train my dog better. I assume she saw a deer and went after it. It’s hot and I need salt. I need to bring two towels. And I am still a distance runner.




I ran without pain! But I still had long run anxiety

I didn’t even notice at first.

I was so busy dealing with pre-long run anxiety and just managing my dog and the trail that it wasn’t until after I’d run for two hours that it dawned on me. Hey! That didn’t hurt! Going downhill didn’t hurt and going uphill didn’t hurt and the first few steps must not have hurt because I don’t have any memory of it.  This is huge! I ran this same course a week before and it did hurt and I was also exhausted the next couple of days. I must be actually going to heal from these lingering injuries and inflammation. Hip Hooray!

Long run anxiety

I know I’m not alone with this because I’ve talked to my friends about it. But I don’t know how common it is. What is it? It’s a building anxiety that starts a few days before my  scheduled long run. Why would I be anxious about something I really look forward to with great anticipation, my big escape from reality, an easy paced journey on the weekend? Because….. I do look forward to it so much. I want it to go well! I want it to be perfect. That is the thing that always causes me anxiety. The fear that something I want and need so much will be messed up in some way that I can’t control, which is a valid fear and has happened too many times. What can mess up an easy long run, you ask? Well, the main things are 1) difficulty choosing a good route , 2) bad ( hot) weather, 3)no one to run with so I get scared in remote places (a valid fear) and 4) will I have someone at home complaining about me being gone too long? Oh, yeah, and the fear that I might not be able to complete the planned distance.

  1. It’s hard for me to find places to run that are safe, not too far away, and have shade, and have enough miles of  trails or roads that I don’t have to run the same route over and over. I have a few options,  but none of them meet all the criteria.
  2. The weather in  southeast Texas is not very nice most of the year. I have no choice but to deal with it, but I hate high humidity and I honestly do struggle with getting easily overheated and can’t handle running in direct sunlight. If you’ve never run in 70 plus dew point, you don’t know what I am talking about!
  3. I’ve basically lost all of my running partners because no one has the same schedule or location or life situations as me. So I’ve been running some with my dog but she can only go so many miles without overheating.
  4. My family has expectations. Nuff said.
  5. Anything over 2 hours, I start to get bored and hungry and tired.

Two days before the planned run I will make some kind of plan and start to look forward to running. But then the day before I begin to have doubts about the plan and make changes to the plan and basically begin to expect the plan to fall through. Even though at least 90% of the plans work out just fine, there’s always that risk so I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. I’m afraid to ask anyone to make plans with me because I’ve been stood up before. I’ve also run with people who have not been the same pace as me or not been up to the amount of miles we said we were going to run, so they basically wasted my long run. That is very frustrating if you are training for a race! I’ve had some doozies. Good thing I don’t hold grudges! But I do learn my lesson. So I usually run alone now. But I still have the other issues.

The night before the long run I usually have trouble sleeping. I will get my hydration ready and go to bed on time but I always worry I won’t wake up on time. Last weekend I slept so badly that I just turned off my alarm and went back to bed. So that meant I got to the trails pretty late and it was already pretty hot. It was 90 degrees when I finished at noon.  Back to the anxiety. I got up late, but I said, yes, I’m still going . It’s MY DAY and I’m going to run trails. It was Mother’s Day weekend. I had carte blanche , I could run all day ! So I just had to decide where to go.I had already missed two possible group run options by that time.  I finally loaded up my dog and just started driving because I couldn’t make up my mind how far I wanted to go. There are no  trails near me. The closest ones are 20 minutes and are only 3 miles of trails. Then the next closest is a one mile loop, 50 miles away. Then a little farther down the highway is a 3 mile out and back trail. Then a little farther is a park with no shade but more trails, nope. Then 1.5 hours away is the park I really like but I had gone there the weekend before. So I put on a podcast and started heading west . I decided if I wanted to stop I would and if I wanted to keep going all the way past Austin , 2 hours away, I would. Well, I finally relaxed thanks to the East Coast Trail and Ultra podcast hosts and their crazy conversations and I was happy to be driving through the beautiful hill country with not very much traffic. I did see one car accident involving 4 cars that were at a stop light and each rear-ended the other. That was in Bastrop. I also saw a car on fire on the side of the road on the way home.

Finally , I decided to run at McKinney Roughs Nature Park.

This LCRA owned park has 17 miles of trails. I like it because the trails are not all the same. There are rocky sections, pine tree lined trails , riverside trails, Giant ( literally) pecan tree areas ,  savannah sections, and quite a few big hills so it’s a great place to train for trail races. They allow horses and also have zipline towers and dorms for special events. It’s only $5 to run there. It’s not very well known or at least not very crowded, maybe due to the not that accessible location. It’s not super convenient to people who live in Austin because of the traffic, or those who live in Houston because of the distance. But to me the drive is worth it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run ,and so did my dog. We saw a large snake soon after we started off on the trail but it was not poisonous and we were able to run past it.  Then we passed a couple of horseback riders and I was happy that my dog did not get scared or bark at them. Later we passed a family hiking and then a cute couple having a picnic by the river. A bit later I saw a couple more hikers. We met a few people with off-leash dogs which were not my favorite moments. My dog started letting me know she was really hot by trying to lie down in the shade beside the trail so I turned back towards our vehicle, but first we had to climb up the trail to Meditation Point, one of the scenic overlooks. There was fresh horse poop on that trail but the horses were no longer there. I was wondering if I would have to deal with a horse encounter on a narrow ridge.  We were almost back to the car but I decided to take a left and do a short out and back to explore a trail that had some good ups and downs. After a few good hills, I turned around . It was  a very enjoyable two hour, 7.5 mile hike/run . All my anxiety had disappeared and been replaced by the sweet satisfaction that trail running gives me. Next time, I am going to try hard to focus on the knowledge that  most of my long runs turn out fine and I don’t need to be so anxious.

Happy running!


The Colorado River. My dog always run down to get a drink and cool off.


One of the scenic views


Woodlands Trail


I love the hills

Why I didn’t run today

4:00 AM: Not my usual wake up time

Woken up by my husband who is getting ready for work and making way too much noise. I lay there needing to pee and finally get up and go. I get back in bed, then a thought pops into my head. Oh crap, I think I forgot to buy the baby carrots that he takes in his lunch every single week.  Thoughts of having to go to Walmart and wondering what else do I need to do when I go to town. Then I hear sounds that tell me he’s still in the kitchen so I stumble out of bed and go ask him if I indeed forgot to buy carrots.  No, he says,  you bought them. Oh , good, I think. Love you, bye, have a good day, I tell him. He heads off to his job where he works a 10 hour shift.

I check on my sleeping daughter’s breathing, then go back to my room. Now that I’m awake I know I’ll have trouble going back to sleep so I get my phone and put it on the Talk Ultra podcast. I listen to a female runner talk about how her body just fell apart after a couple really good years of racing multi-day races. Now she is going vegan and feels like she is  healing. She feels better than she has in a long time, she says. I vaguely consider the idea of giving up meat after being low carb-high fat, mostly Paleo, gluten free for the past seven years. I finally get sleepy and turn off my phone and fall asleep and have many crazy dreams.

8:30 am.  I start to wake up but I’m very groggy and don’t want to open my eyes. This is past my normal wake up time. I lie there drifting in and out of dreams. Finally my eyes pop open and I get out of bed. It’s on now. I will not stop moving until I hit the pillow tonight.

First things first. Pee, brush teeth. Glance at silenced phone. I have a text telling me that there is now less than $20 in my checking account. I sign in to my bank on my phone and transfer funds. I put on my robe and slippers , push power on the Keurig and go walk the dogs, text my husband and tell him that the yard looks nice since he mowed yesterday, bring the dogs back in and give them Milk bones. Then I get my 17 year old daughter’s formula and medications ready. I go change her diaper, dress her in clean clothes, suction her, check her oxygen level, then put her in her Vest so she can have a respiratory treatment. It will take 18 minutes. Back to the kitchen to make my one cup of  Light roast Breakfast Blend coffee with coconut milk and splenda  ( I ran out of stevia. ). I turn on my ancient, Ebay-seller refurbished Dell D630 laptop computer and log in and click on email. Nothing important in email.  I get a text  from a fellow SAHM friend asking where I am since I haven’t responded to her usual morning Messenger messages, so I reply to her. We commiserate about the burnout we have from so many years of being caregivers, household servants and unpaid sex goddesses to our husbands. But we both know we will continue , so we both get busy.

Grace’s treatment is finished so I lift her 60 pound, helpless body into her wheelchair, adjust her twisted spine so she is as comfortable as possible, smooth her unruly, thick hair out of her face and push her into the kitchen to connect her feeding tube and give her two seizure medications, plus cough medicine and a vitamin D supplement. I turn on the essential oil diffuser.

The boys, my two youngest sons,  are still sleeping. I start trying to wake them up. After several visits to their room, I finally issue a threat of no video games unless they get up. One of them stumbles out and makes himself some type of microwave food for breakfast then gets on the couch with a blanket and the dog. The other gets up a little later grabs cereal and goes back to his room. 

Meanwhile I do the dishes and put a load of clothes in the wash.  Eventually, I get my almost 13 year old son started on math and the 14 year old son goes outside and cuts down a dead tree with his new ax. He takes a video camera and a tripod to document the whole thing and is super proud of himself. I watch the video and give him genuine praise. He’s a good boy and very handy with the ax. At some point in this time period other school subjects were completed.  Then we start our Bible study. My son is anxious about his class this week so I attempt to reassure him and help him prepare for it. He and another boy will be teaching the class. We study 2 Timothy 3 and discuss how all Scripture is God-breathed, despite what some liberals say.


I get hungry.

Lunch is my first meal of the day. I have the idea to make ‘zoodles’, spiralized zucchini noodles, new to me. I do it and show my son how it works. I saute them in coconut oil, add garlic, onion and pepperoni slice, then top it with Italian cheese. Pretty good! I get more laundry going and then get in a cleaning mood. They are doing schoolwork. Grace is sleeping. My 19 year old son is in his room playing video games since he doesn’t work today.

I decide to tackle a grubby zone that has evaded me for a couple months, a dog-hair covered junk pile on the floor in the laundry room. Feels great to have that area clean again! I also did more laundry and put it away.

Time for Spanish.

My kids don’t share my love of foreign languages, but I still try to teach them. I hope they will retain something or at least grow some new brain synapses. My plan was to watch a lesson on Youtube but I had slow internet problems and couldn’t sign in. I think it was because they were downloading something on PS4.  I give up on that and we use our books. We study the present progressive. “Estoy hablando.” I am talking. Then I send them off to read books on their own.


Crap this day is flying by! I guess I won’t be going to the gym after all . Should I go for a run right now? Well , my ankle is a bit sore after the weekend’s miles. I guess I’ll take a rest day.

I start thinking about what I am going to make for dinner. But I continue with laundry and cleaning . The kids go outside at some point for a short time, then they start playing video games.  I make sure the dogs get walked. I take out more trash. Hang up clothes.  I put my daughter back in bed and change her diaper and suction her .  She has been pretty sick and she’s still very congested but, thankfully,  no longer on oxygen like she was all weekend.  I empty out the suction machine tank. It’s pretty gross.  My memory is a bit foggy on what all I did but suddenly my husband was home from work. I never did read the book I had hoped to read. Sleeping so late threw me off and I just really have trouble sitting down to read on a Monday. It’s usually a pretty busy day and today was no exception.

Part two of my day begins

The chicken breasts are cooking in the Instant Pot. Hubby comes in from work and complains about various things, including that he has a bad headache. He has been sick also. He sits down and begins to check his Instagram and read a magazine while I get out some gluten free pasta and frozen broccoli. The dinner is ready and everyone eats . I skip the pasta because last time I ate it made my stomach bloat up. I eat a little chicken, some broccoli and a salad.  And then a few blueberries. Good thing I skipped the pasta because I am going to eat way too many carbs later! After dinner, I box up a pair of running shoes that I need to return via UPS , then hubby and I go walk the dogs together. It’s a very pleasant, breezy, low humidity evening. Not usual Texas weather.  We enjoy the good days when we can! We walk around the property, check the blackberries and see that they are starting to turn black, and look at the remains of the cedar tree my son cut down. It smells good. We check on the chickens and see that they need to be fed so I go tell my son to take care of that. Hubby comes back in the house and sits down.

I think I want Dessert

I don’t do a lot of baking because I am 1) on a low carb, gluten free diet, and 2) I’m not that good at baking.  But, I just bought a couple bags of pecans so I went looking for recipes that use pecans and  I chose this  flourless, chocolate pecan cookie recipe. Here it is. So good! And easy, too. It’s like gooey, yummy brownie cookie!

IMG_1835.JPGTime to feed Grace

I eat way too many of those decadently chocolate cookies, tell my husband good night since he goes to bed at 7PM ,  then get Grace out of bed and give her meds and feed her. I then start another load of laundry and take out more trash. I notice the mess in the kitchen that I made today as I cooked.

IMG_1836IMG_1837IMG_1838I suddenly decide this is a good time to write in my blog. So here I am ! Guess I better go do those dishes now.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading about a day in my life. This is pretty typical. But I usually get up a bit earlier and often I make a trip into town for something or go to the gym or go run at the park or somewhere if I have time. I’m finding it harder and harder to find the time.

How about you? Are you a mom and a runner? Or just a busy person? How do you fit running or exercise  into your daily schedule? I’d love to hear about it!

Buzzed Blogging

I was just hanging up laundry and had the idea that it would be better for me to write my blog while buzzed. I’m so much more interesting! At least to myself. So, two rum and Frescas later, here I am, typing away like some kind of writer.


I really don’t mind doing laundry.  As a runner , my race t-shirts and other running clothing is very special to me and loaded with memories and happy feelings. I don’t mind that they need to be hung to dry because they are ‘tech’ material, whatever that is. Actually it means polyester, something we once thought was for poor people or in bad taste or just ugly, but has become a sought-after thing.  Only purists cry for those awful all unisex, cotton 5k  race t-shirts! Or was that yesterday’s opinion? The fads change so quickly.  I love my race jacket that I got at my last marathon.  It works great for this weird climate change weather. Usually it’s hot every day in Texas, yep, year round, but it’s been chilly a lot lately. Well, okay, it did snow this winter but it was 80 degrees the same week, if I recall correctly.

Ugh. My son just came in the room asking about intermittent fasting! He’s thin and young, 21, I think . He does not need to fast! I’m a bad influence with all my focus on food and diets. I’m old and trying not to gain weight. I’m 53. Is that old? I have gray hair if I don’t dye it. But I ran 100 miles , so I’m still alive. But for how long?

Okay, back to the weather, well that’s boring. Everyone knows it’s been weird.  Let’s talk about something else.

I have this pile of bills next to me.  The devil tries to get me down with worries about money, but , nope. God takes care of me! We’ve been surviving our whole lives , well almost 27 married years , on my husband’s  income and God has provided. Thank you, Jesus.  I love you! Not being irreverent. I mean it, thank you! I know that many people worry about money and it’s no wonder since the world tries to tell you to do this and that so you can buy this and that and also that you should prepare for your future. Well, I am not prepared. I live week to week. Paycheck to paycheck, like millions of people.  It is what it is. Money does not buy security or happiness. Money cannot buy true love or health. And if you can’t buy happiness, love or health, then why stress? The Bible says if you have food and clothing, it’s enough. I do like my extra stuff, though.

But what about the poor, the homeless? I don’t know. America has always provided for them and God is there for them, too. It’s a mystery. But Jesus is the answer.

I’m tired now. I am old, like I said, and my body knows what time it is, bedtime. Good night my fellow bloggers ! I’m sure you are the only ones who will read this. Thank you. I promise to do more buzzed blogging if you like this one.