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Longreads on Wordpress

Today I read some crap on Longreads that I wanted to comment on, but there was no place to do it. So I thought I’d do it here. Dear author of Blowin’ Up the 90s. Your article is gibberish. Your sarcastically-hip style is annoying. Your points are pointless. I feel sad for you that your experience of life is so awful. Yes, the 80s were way better than the 90s but life has gone basically downhill since the Industrial revolution , with a few good periods. Progress is relative. The way you deconstructed every little thing was simply depressing. I know that was the point of the article, but why? Find something better to do with your words. Use them to uplift, encourage, motivate, inspire. Pointing out the bad in people helps how? Maybe I’m just too old to understand. I hope you find Jesus.


Reader request Friday

For 007 at I asked my son about the first birthday he ever planned and he laughed and said, “none , well maybe this one. ” We were sitting at the table eating pieces of a giant cake that his girlfriend had made for him. It was last Friday and he had called me on Tuesday to say he was coming home for his birthday. He brought his musical equipment and computer and his desire was for all the musicians in the family to make a birthday song together. That didn’t actually come together but good times were had.

For Rakellewrites : Yes, 27 years is a lot of time spent with another human being and many compromises have been made on both sides to keep this ship afloat! While it’s easy for me to think of a long list of things I’ve given up for him, I must admit that he has an equally long list. Both of us are pretty easy-going , as long as we get our way. But , that only works if you both want the same thing! So over the years we’ve had to let go of some things. I think maybe he was the more generous one in the past and maybe I’m paying that back now . But who’s keeping track? Wink wink! One biggie for him was that in order to keep the growing family fed and bills paid he has had to sell some of his toys, as in cars, motorcycles, and other wheeled objects . Not always without some resentment and unhappiness, but we got past it. Another one is he’s been very flexible with me as far as giving me a lot of freedom, as long as all my work is done. In my case, I’ve had to learn to be patient when I want to go and do things and we just can’t afford it. In the past I’ve found ways to make travel and races happen , but it’s getting harder and harder . I have a strong belief in God and I rely on the Bible as my standard of right and wrong, therefore, even in some very trying periods of marriage, I have not felt that quitting was an option . I believe that Satan is real and he wants to destroy relationships. When things get rough , I pray harder! I also avoid people, authors, and other media that do not value the marriage vow. I know how easy it is to get sucked into that way of thinking. I think my husband and I are a good match and we usually enjoy the same things , but not always. And that’s okay. We are both independent and opinionated as well. We don’t always agree on politics but we agree on values and religion. Somehow it has worked for 27 years. When I hear that a couple is struggling, I try to encourage them to 1)remember their spouses good points and 2)remember their own faults. No one is perfect. I’ll finish with an example from real life. The weather is perfect today and I really wanted to go hiking . But I discovered my husband had other plans . Since I’m going trail running tomorrow, I opted to not push for the hike, even though he was willing to try to fit in both activities. There was not enough time in my opinion for both. I’m sorry to miss a day hiking in fall weather, but I had to be honest that I would do better to stay home and do chores. So I guess I’ve gotten better at not getting my way. I want to give God the credit for helping me mature and not be so selfish and stubborn. I have prayed specifically that he would make me a better wife and mother and I trust that he is at work .

Reader Request Friday! And Happy Birthday to my son!

As suggested by I am asking YOU , the reader, what you would like me to write about. 007 was a good sport and answered my questions about who he is and I am going to play along. I will try to write something interesting if I can, doesn’t have to be about me, especially since I write about myself most of the time. Submit your requests and if you see a request you like, just LIKE it and I’ll count that as a vote for that topic. Then I’ll post it next Friday. Thank you for reading my blog!


Also, Happy Birthday to my oldest son! He doesn’t read this blog, but I can brag on him a little. I have wanted children since  I was a little girl. I finally got one 27 years ago. This boy is special! Well, he’s a man now, but you know, still my boy.  He was homeschooled all his life and I am glad for that because his personality is way too big to be controlled by classroom management techniques. In other words, he’s like me. When I was in school, the teachers were willing to work with my tendency to question or ignore silly rules and not sit still and talk a lot and pretty much do whatever I thought I should do. They gave me little jobs to do, like mimeograph papers and bring them coffee. They also didn’t complain too much when I didn’t go to class as often as other kids. I had a lot of stomach aches and I liked to sleep late.  This kid of mine has always been a night owl. There is no way he’d have functioned in public school schedules! He has learned to be more flexible now that he’s a working adult. But school is like prison nowadays. Comply and show up and don’t be late and sit down and shut up and answer the math question ONLY LIKE THIS and do NOT question us! When my son was just a little kid he sometimes got in trouble with other adults who didn’t know him, but the ones who knew him liked or loved him and saw his good qualities. He started playing guitar with the youth group choir as a young teen and then he played with the adult choir. My husband taught him the basics of guitar and then he pretty much ran with it. He can play most instruments now and is also a music producer for (groan) rap musicians. He was very involved in church for quite some time and attended adult Bible classes with mentors.  His sense of humor and logic has always been above average for his age. From a young age he would get interested in a particular TV show, musician, or actor and learn all he could about them.  The only time I saw this kid struggle was when he went through a breakup after a  long relationship. But I’m happy to say that he is past that and cruising along again. I love all my children, but the first one is always special, just like the last one, and all the ones in between if you’re an overachiever like me. Happy birthday, son!


Reading and Writing – Wool book review

You need to do both , right? That’s what I’m telling my kids this year. But since discovering the joy of blogging when I got injured, I’ve been writing a lot and not reading that much. This week I picked up a book, WOOL , and read it through. It’s the first book in a series. Here’s my review.

I also finally took the time to investigate the Goodreads website and app and set up an account because I enjoy reading and writing book reviews. I’ve gone there before, but only as a visitor. Now I can play along with the other nerds and smarty pants.

By the way, this week I have been feeling more antisocial and intolerant of people who annoy me , so reading a book was a great way to escape, although certain people kept interrupting me and wanting attention. I tried hard to be patient and I think no damage has been done. “Please stop talking !” was a recurring thought.

I liked the book. WOOL , by Hugh Howey, which was originally self-published in 2011 as a short story. Then he added to it and now it’s a huge series of books. The one I read was what they call the Omnibus edition from 2012, and it’s 509 pages, which includes the 5 sub-books that can also be found sold separately. So be careful not to purchase something you don’t need. After this are other books which make up a continuous story. I have already ordered the next book, SHIFT.

The title is a bit odd and I still don’t really get the meaning. I mean , the people live in a silo, so they’re like cotton? The story is about a post-apocalyptic world in which people must live underground to survive. The outer world is a toxic wasteland. Howey is very good at bringing the characters to life , and then killing them. Don’t get too attached. The plot remains mysterious for the majority of this book. I felt like I was just getting started when I only had about 100 pages left! It felt like the author was really enjoying telling the story and not in a hurry at all to finish.

I couldn’t help but compare it in my mind to other similar books. I read the 7 book series, GONE, by Michael Grant, and there’s a definite difference between the authors’ styles. Much less anger and pure violence and scary stuff in this book. Even the bad guys are subdued. But GONE is sold as a Young Adult series so maybe that’s why it’s more emotional. That series wore me out but I had to finish it!

I look forward to getting the next book in the mail and escaping into the silo with the surviving characters of WOOL.

Do you like future fiction, post apocalyptic stories and movies?