Skies, puppies and runners

Some photos that I always enjoy looking at when they come up on the screensaver. The captions are  underneath the photos. Hope you like them, too!

iPhone 2012-15 233.JPG

Are ducks allowed to ride?

iPhone 2012-15 227.JPG

Bat cat

iPhone 2012-15 195.JPG

Pedernales Falls State Park in the beautiful hill country of Texas

iPhone 2012-15 100.JPG

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Reliant Stadium

iPhone 2012-15 523.JPG

In the starting corral of the Chevron Houston Marathon

iPhone 2012-15 003.JPG

Puppy days 

iPhone 2012-15 323.JPG

Summer Sky

iPhone 2012-15 268.JPG

Texas Gulf Coast

iPhone 2012-15 407.JPG

Before the Chicago Marathon


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