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Your CR has been stolen! BAM!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. What? Buzzed blogging!  Let’s just say that it’s been a good week with a few minor casualties. One , I had to buy tires and two, I had to buy snorkels for my kids. Those are two things that were not in my increasingly tight budget. But it’s all good ! God provides for us!

Some fun stuff happened. Today I set my mind on running a bit faster even though ( why doesn’t WordPress have auto-suggest?) it was still very hot, it was not as humid. And by not as humid, I mean instead of 77 degree dewpoint, it was 73. Google that and you will see that I live in a very bad place for running during the summer. Anyway, I had goals and I met them! I ran a 4 mile run with all sub-10 miles including some 8 something minute running up a short hill in which I attempted to take the course record of a Strava segment and succeeded! Yay me!  The town of Sealy is basically FLAT as a pancake but there are  a few little inclines where we try ourselves and I knew my friend had the CR so I wanted to beat her, lol! In case that sounds slow, let me see you run in southeast Texas in the summer. 🙂

Tonight I made some DE-licious chicken strips for dinner with a cream cheese sauce and onion and peppers. Super easy and low carb! I skipped the noodles or rice this time because I’m trying to lose the 7 pounds I’ve gained, 😥 , thanks to pre-menopause.  My hubby thought it was tasty. We were out of any green veggies so I had a rum and Fresca instead. That’s the same thing , right?

Okay, well, enough of this , gotta go. Happy almost Friday to everyone who’s reading this!


Skies, puppies and runners

Some photos that I always enjoy looking at when they come up on the screensaver. The captions are  underneath the photos. Hope you like them, too!

iPhone 2012-15 233.JPG

Are ducks allowed to ride?

iPhone 2012-15 227.JPG

Bat cat

iPhone 2012-15 195.JPG

Pedernales Falls State Park in the beautiful hill country of Texas

iPhone 2012-15 100.JPG

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Reliant Stadium

iPhone 2012-15 523.JPG

In the starting corral of the Chevron Houston Marathon

iPhone 2012-15 003.JPG

Puppy days 

iPhone 2012-15 323.JPG

Summer Sky

iPhone 2012-15 268.JPG

Texas Gulf Coast

iPhone 2012-15 407.JPG

Before the Chicago Marathon

SSDD? Facebook memories tell the story.

Same shit, different day. It was a saying when I was younger,  I’m not sure if it is still being used. It means that you had a typical , boring day. But in my case, I think SSDD is not a negative thing. One thing I’ve noticed through the magic of social media, especially Facebook memories, is that my life has been pretty routine, repetitive and predictable over the years, at least since the internet has been keeping track for me.  At first I was bothered by that . I thought, Wow, I am a boring person! I did the exact same thing last year on this day! But then I realized that there is a good reason for the sameness.  I know what I like!


A memory from two years ago. Sadly I won’t be repeating it this year, but it was a great race!


I do what I like, travel, running, hiking , over and over, based on the season, and based on what is offered at various times of year.  I would do those things even more often if had the chance, but I think God made seasons to force us to mix it up. In fact, I’m so bad about falling in love with something and wanting to do it ALL THE TIME, that I get sad when I can’t. So it is actually helpful for me to see these memories and remember that I have had a lot of fun times in my life and I will probably have more fun times, even if this day, week , or month is kinda boring.


I posted this photo two years ago. I ate the same thing yesterday. I like it! I love avocados in season. I try to eat a whole one every day.


Another good thing about these social media reminders is that I tend to live in the moment and I also have a very bad memory. These two things can tend to make me forget the good times and the happy times when I am having a bad day. I love it that other people can remember things better and they tell stories that include me or my kids having fun, good times I’ve forgotten. It helps me say, oh, I DO have a good life! Oh, my kids DO have a good childhood! Oh, I am SO blessed! Because some days I feel sorry for myself or that I’m a terrible mom or that God doesn’t care about me. But based on these Facebook memories, I can see that I’m a pretty good mom and I have done a lot of cool stuff and gone on some great trips.


Here’s one of my two youngest sons that my husband posted two years ago. They have both changed a lot since then!


Of course , one bad thing about looking back on the Timeline is I can see some of the dumb and negative stuff I’ve posted in the past on a bad day or just a thoughtless (or drunk) moment, and that makes me feel like an idiot and embarrassed at my stupidity. It does make me try harder to think before I click POST! And thankfully we can delete those posts, but the damage may have been done. People can take your posts way more seriously than you meant them, or vice versa. Or they can misunderstand completely what thoughts and ideas you are trying to convey if you don’t state them clearly.  If I am talking to someone face to face, we will have an actual conversation , back and forth, with facial expressions, body language, and voice changes, getting to the real meaning and hopefully coming to understand each other’s point of view. But let’s face it, most of us do the same thing if we use social media regularly. We post things we later regret or have to clarify. We have to forgive ourselves, learn, and try to do better at communicating, being compassionate, and putting ourselves in other’s shoes.

That is why I think Facebook can be a good thing for people like me who have poor social skills.  Part of having ADHD is not thinking about the other person before you act of speak. It’s not that you don’t care, you just get in a rush. Facebook has given me good feedback and enough shame, if you will, to make me slow down and think. But I still slip up and I am thankful for the friends who are forgiving towards me. I think they see my real self, the person who really does care about people.

What about you? Do you look at your Facebook memories? Does it make you feel good or bad ?

Shared post: My Story with Depression

This is so good, I had to share. I have a similar past except for the self-harming. I was self-destructive in other way. But I had the post-partum depression that made me feel like a zombie and I also had panic attacks. Running has made a huge improvement. I truly believe God gave me running as a gift.

A Runner After God's Own Heart

This blog post has been rolling around in my head for some time now. In light of the recent celebrity suicides, I think it’s time I write it. My own family doesn’t even know much of what I am about to say, so this is extremely hard and I am going to make myself extremely vulnerable here. I know that depression still has a stigma, and an even greater one within the church. I remember as a child hearing that suicide was an unforgivable sin because once you did it, you couldn’t ask for forgiveness. What a thought to go through a young persons head, but even at age 8, I could understand why someone would take their own life. It did scare me though that you wouldn’t go to heaven if you did kill yourself.

My childhood was probably pretty typical for someone growing up in the 70’s- early…

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The Summer Solstice, anxiety and what to do about it

I am a university educated, non-pagan,  Christian living in a modern society. I don’t believe in Mother Earth or that the Universe is God or vice versa. I don’t read horoscopes for advice on daily living or otherwise. HOWEVER…. I do believe that God in His infinite wisdom is a God of order and patterns. The Bible, aka the Holy Scriptures, are full of examples of this. For instance, from the beginning when God created the world, He made it have a 24 hour day, a 7 day week and seasons based on the rotation of the earth and it’s journey around the sun. He created gravity which influences everything. He created our human bodies which respond to other things he created such as barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, light, darkness, and wind. All of these things are external to our bodies , yet you don’t hear much about them when you read about mental health.

SAD , seasonal affective disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis given to people who get depressed during the winter when they don’t get enough sunlight and their vitamin D levels drop, and probably other changes  that are not measured. This is one condition that has been recognized by the medical field, but is not given much attention unless the sufferer finally seeks helps. Thankfully it does seem to be more acknowledged than it used to be. This condition, in my opinion, is happening year round now that more people are afraid of skin cancer and also because children and adults alike are spending much more time indoors on the internet. One thing everyone can do is take quality Vitamin D3 supplements. I do suggest getting your levels checked first if you have that option. Many people benefit from fairly high doses. Do your research. I am not a doctor.

On to the main topic, seasonal changes. Just when you are getting adjusted to a new hotter or colder temperature and longer or shorter days, it starts to change again! I know some people are not as sensitive to these things,  but those people don’t read articles like this.  I believe that God uses seasons to keep us from getting too comfortable with worldly life. Today is June 11. In Texas, it has been even hotter than normal. As in 90s and above with very high humidity.  Last month was fairly pleasant as far as weather , if you’re used to Texas weather, and people seemed mostly happy.  But as we get closer to June 21, the first day of Summer, I’ve notice a lot of irritability. But I don’t really think it’s the heat that is making them grouchy. I think it’s the upcoming Summer Solstice.

What is the Summer Solstice? It’s the longest day of the year , meaning the most time elapsed from sunrise to sunset.  And the Winter Solstice is the shortest day.  Like I said, I am not a pagan , but I am aware that pagans celebrate these days. I believe pagans have corrupted all God-given things by ascribing perverted rituals and nature/god worship to the creation instead of the Creator, just as pagans have distorted and abused the God-given gift of sex and love. In fact, pagans of the past, and even now, use sex as part of their worship of their false gods. God hates this idolatry and punished and punishes it severely.  That’s a topic for another day.

iphone 811.jpg


What does this have to do with Summer, and seasons in general? Just as humans are affected by having too little light in the Winter, and by the phases of the moon, they are affected by the seasonal changes and long bright days of the Spring and Summer. You’d think the effects of warm weather and sunny days would be mostly positive and I think it is, but I think this time of year can create anxiety in people. Spring and Summer is when God intends for people to be productive and actively preparing for Fall and Winter. If a person is trapped indoors at a desk job or otherwise stuck in a non-productive, toxic or sinful lifestyle, this season, just like Winter,  will cause discontent and unease. People may not know what is wrong , but they feel like they should be doing something. This feeling can build and build. If you follow the worldly ways, you will seek relief in the usual numbing addictions, entertainment, food, alcohol, sex, internet, TV, etc. , instead of doing productive activity and spending time outside and in  the deep soul-searching, prayer, and evaluation that we all  need to do to keep growing into the person God made us to be.  You will feel anxiety because you are resisting God’s will. If you will trust God and seek His will, you will find peace and freedom!

What is God’s will? To put Him first in your life and to grow into a godly person.  You will find that daily living by the power of the Holy Spirit will reap great awards. He will help you shed the shackles of sin and your pet idols and fear of man. How do you do that? First you must know Jesus and receive the free gift of salvation by confessing that you are a sinner and need Jesus to make you right with God. Then you begin to learn about Him and His ways and , yes, His rules for right living. We are not saved by those rules, but they are what God wants because they are for our good. The more you get to know God, the more you will see what a good and loving Father he is! He has your best interests in mind. Then your faith and trust will grow and you will be able to hear the Holy Spirit as he guides you daily. All Christians have the Holy Spirit in them, but not all Christians listen to him. Please note that I am not talking about ‘going to church’ or ‘religion’. Knowing Jesus is neither of those. If you’re new to all of this, I suggest first reading the book of John or any of the gospels of Matthew, Mark , or Luke. Or you may want to read Genesis first. You can read it online. Here is one source.

My prayer is that if you are feeling out of sorts or even if you’re not, that you will seek the Lord and find Him and begin to live for and by him. Feel free to post questions in the comment section if I can help.

Throwback Thursday : Before I was a runner, I was something else

I don’t know if there’s a neat category to describe myself,  but in the time right before I started running  I was an early 40s , full-time homeschooling mom of a large family, who put all her time, thoughts, and energy into taking care of her husband and children.

I did a whole lot of cooking, eating, and sitting, along with the rest of a busy mom’s day. In the past, in the city, I was a pretty active mom, took lots of stroller walks, bike rides, even had a bike trailer to put the kids in. I also worked out at a fitness center.  But when we moved to the country and I had two more babies pretty close together and a whole lot more stress, it got much harder to stay active.

By the time my youngest son was 5 years old, I had put on some weight, a lot of weight for a 5 foot 3 inch person. I was just teetering at 180 pounds. But it was crazy how it snuck up on me without me really noticing.

I’m going to write a series of blogs about my weight loss and life changes, but for now I want to post some before and after running photos.


Top two are before diet change. My thyroid was messed up. Bottom two are after going on a low-carb, then Paleo and gluten free diet and not going back.


I ran a ton of 5ks when I first discovered running in 2011. This one  turned out to be cross-country  which I was not expecting.  A very hot August race. I placed in my age group because of the low turnout. That ribbon was very motivating for me!


Just a few of the tons of race medals I’ve collected since 2011.


It’s no exaggeration to say that running has changed my life. I’m the same person, but much more confident, disciplined, and goal-focused. I highly recommend it!

Are you a runner? Has it made a big impact on your life? Or do you want to try it, but don’t know how? I am very passionate about helping new runners. Please feel free to post your questions here.

Asking for help and getting ridiculed instead

Today I posted a sincere question on a local Facebook group asking the following question. “What do 13-15 year old boys do for fun around here?”. This is not a dumb question if you live in a rural home and home school your kids and they don’t play sports. I never see teenage boys out and about in public around here. I am genuinely asking, where are the boys and what are they doing for fun?! I’m not talking about activities for 3 – 9 years olds.  That age is easy. Out of 5 replies, none were really helpful, but 2 were outright sarcastic and rude comments meant to imply that my question was stupid and I must be an idiot. One of them wrote: “WOW. No comment”. I had to restrain myself from replying to that jerk. The other wrote: “Teach them to work.” Well , sir, my kids work plenty. Probably more than most kids. That was not my question.

At first I agreed with them due to my lack of self-confidence, but then I realized that these are probably trolls or people with even less to do than my kids since they are at home in the middle of a work day. Then I blocked them. I am still bothered by it, though, because I do not treat people like that and I’m always shocked when someone is purposely hurtful to me. Yes, I am a bit naive, but I’d rather be naive than a mean person.

So I edited my post and added more specific information and then I also posted on my own Facebook wall. I got some nice replies, but they don’t live near me so it’s not that helpful. The whole episode just makes me want to go back into my little hobbit hole and avoid the world that I don’t understand. But I will keep trying to make contact with people like myself and my family who do not conform to this world’s norms. And I will remind myself that most societal norms are actually myths.

Do you have a not-yet-driving or working teen boy? What do they do for FUN in the summer and on weekends? Do you live in a rural area or the city?