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Learning to Suffer – Western States 2017

First 100, first Western States! What a story.


I blazed past the final Aid Station at Robie Point without the thought of stopping and pushed myself until the track before crossing the finish line of Western States in a time of 18:30 and 20th place. In my mind, I knew that this was what I was capable of, unfortunately that isn’t how things turned out.

Rewind to the morning of June 23, 2017, the Friday before Western States. I hadn’t felt any anxiety or stress going into my first ever 100 Mile race. I was somehow remaining calm despite the hours ticking away until the start of the event. The early part of the day was filled with checking in for the race, talking strategy with fellow Team TROT runner Maggie Guterl, and attending the pre-race briefing meeting. During the briefing, Race Director Craig Thornley discussed the condition of the course including ice/snow as well as very soaked…

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