Thoughts on slow running

Everybody is not the same. Some people like vanilla, some chocolate. One says tomAYto, one says toMAHto. I do not mean to say that we must all be the same.

However, there are some ideas that I find annoying. Posts on blogs, memes, inspirational photos. They seem illogical or dumb to me. One of them is that:

“Slow running is great! Better than sitting on the couch.”


Moderate or fast running is better! It’s more fun, more rewarding and not as hard on your body in some ways. Having formerly started out as a slow runner, like most people, I can attest to the truth that slower running takes longer to get the same number of miles in (duh), causes you to have bad form (usually), and may cause people to laugh and point as they drive by.

So , don’t embrace mediocrity. Start slow and keep trying to get faster through using speed work, intervals, hill repeats, good nutrition, weight loss, consistent training, good form, good shoes, and competing in races.  My guess is that you will enjoy running more if you get to at least an 11:00 mile pace. Anything slower is just too slow in my opinion as a non-expert.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on slow running

  1. Richard Racette

    Hi Paula! Good luck with your blog. They can be a lot of work. I hope people don’t laugh and point! When my father-in-law sees a runner he usually mutters something about “A fool in his underwear”. I think the key is to do the best you can, but I agree, faster is better if you can do it.


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