Iphone 349

adjective \ˈvi-sə-rəl, ˈvis-rəl\

: coming from strong emotions and not from logic or reason

medical : of or relating to the viscera

That’s how I feel sometimes when the sky is so clear and blue and the sun is warm and shining and not too hot, visceral. I feel so awesomely happy and like I just want to EAT the sky! I’m not completely controlled by emotions, but…they do have a bit of power over me. A drive to town can be a truly inspiring experience for me. Today I made a video while driving, it was just so nice I had to capture it.

Outdoors on a pretty day is my favorite place to be. A rainy , gray, misty, cold day will put me right into a funk. Good thing I live in sunny Texas, not Seattle or Portland! Evidently I’m not the only one like this as evidenced by the multitudes of websites selling products for depressed people needing more sun in their lives.

Fortunately, I’m a reader and discovered the benefits of taking a Vitamin D supplement. It can even be helpful for those who do get sun exposure. If it’s raining a lot and I get bummed, I also have Vitamin B-12 drops in my cabinet. I take a few other supplements in an effort to stay happy all the time. I don’t like being depressed and yet it happens.


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